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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Feb 11, 2023 | Blog | Mellow Bud Ganja Farms PR Team

Meditation is a powerful tool for self-healing and cannabis has been used to facilitate the process for hundreds of years. The calming of inner confusion as well as insightfulness obtained from its use, lead to a greater freedom from pain and disease.

Sigmund Freud, a well known psychologist developed and expounded on the understanding that we mechanically base our actions on programs devised throughout life, and many esoteric schools, ancient and modern, have taught the same. The opening of consciousness often leads to spiritual realizations such as the ability of a future elimination of disease, is enhanced by the elimination of doubt and the expectations of doom. Universal spiritual values, so often released with marijuana, can break down this conditioned defensive mentality.

In some societies, it is the realm of nightmarish, insatiable hunger, which cannot be resolved unless or until the being attains to a less self-centered level. Deep within each of us, an essential need for a higher meaning of life waits to be awakened. Because of its ability to unlock this yearning and allow us a glimpse of the deeper reality, marijuana is feared by the establishment and loved by the user.

As we have seen, many individuals who engage in arguments against marijuana refer to the non-competitive nature it engenders. During the Vietnam War, one of the major problems of the soldiers was their inability to accept the brutality of their own actions. This is where young men encountered marijuana at every turn throughout the world. The Vietnam War was the beginning of the expansion of marijuana use in several countries, especially since it was the first time a status and educational cross section of America was exposed to it. Their reaction was often not in keeping with the insensitivity necessary for war. Their conscience bothered them. Gaining higher values, such as compassion, cooperation and consideration, is a function of balance and is in opposition to a militaristic society. The more we uncover the spiritual element in our natures, the more sensitive we become.

Therefore, people who try marijuana and reject it, do so usually because they feel uncomfortable and confused in altered, fuller consciousness whilst those who embrace its potential, have a greater ability to heal and to achieve peace of mind.

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